LP091 The Mother of God (choir)
LP090 Traverser la blancheur (Soprano & Piano)
LP089 He Hath Led Me (Tenor, Viola, Accordion)


LP088 Politics of the Imagination (3 hip-hop artists, chamber trio, fixed electronics)
LP087 Stop Small Boats (3 hip-hop artists, chamber trio, electronics) (instrument-only available)
LP086 Gallagher (SATB Choir)
LP085 Longways I met a Lass (Steel-string Guitar)
LP084 Sometimes I dream of blue (Concert Band & Choir)
LP083 Moving House (Soprano & Piano)
LP082 A Single Tree is not called a Forest (Mixed Sextet & Live Electronics)
LP081 Her Name is Sorrow (Tenor, Viola, Accordion)
LP080 Honnold (Large Chamber Ensemble – 10 players & Video Projections)


LP079 Rusted Sugar (Violin & Fixed Electronics)
LP078 Kraina (Soprano & Piano)
LP077 Lucan Duets (Viola & Cello)
LP076 Shock/Stasis (Violin & Piano)
LP075 Coruscate (Orchestra)
LP074 Sitting by Water (Trio)
LP073 Rasp (Brass Band)


LP072 Pollen, Blood, and Seaspray (Spoken Word, Accordion, Fixed Electronics)
LP071 Coimheascar (String Quintet & Percussion)
LP070 Three Words for Light (Cello & Live Electronics)
LP069 Coedwig Brechfa (Flute)
LP068 Caerfyrddin (Bassoon)
LP067 Rasp (Brass Quintet)
LP066 Music for Chairs (Marimba & Fixed Electronics)
LP065 I Thirst (SSSAATTBB Choir)
LP064 The Union is our God (Mixed Quartet & Fixed Electronics)


LP063 Woolgathering (Contrabass Clarinet & Percussion)
LP062 Refractions (Flute, Clarinet, Violin)
LP061 Cross-Purposes (Clarinet/B. Clarinet, Cello, & Fixed Electronics)
LP060 Building the Tower (Spoken Word & Piano)
LP059 When Aslan shakes his mane (Clarinet)
LP058 Ceaselessly into the past (Piano)
LP057 Common Places (Soprano & Piano Trio)


LP056 Where I go, I hear the noise (3 groups of voices & Live Electronics)
LP055 Eloheinu (Male Voice Choir)
LP054 Circle Machines (Children’s Toys & Live Electronics)
LP053 Children, the wide world over (Children’s Choir – 2 parts)
LP052 If ye love me (SATB Choir)
LP051 Sparrows’ Anthem (SATB Choir & Oboe)
LP050 Laniakea (Orchestra & Choir – version for orchestra only available)
LP049 Tearing as it is Woven (SSAATTBB Choir)
LP048 Esau’s Hunger (Double Guitar Orchestra & Fixed Electronics)
LP047 Flicken (Chamber Orchestra & Film)
LP046 Stutter (Voice, Piano, Percussion)
LP045 Engines of Babel (Large Chamber Ensemble – 10 players)
LP044 Crossing the Firth (Fixed Electronics)


LP043 The Adventures of Tobias Henry McCullough III (Piano)
LP042 Five Scenes from a Retro Viewer (Flute, Harp, Viola)
LP041 Shards on a Beach (Doublebass & Fixed Electronics)
LP040 Threads & Ribbons (Baritone – version for guitar & baritone available)
LP039 The Blue Bird (SATB Choir – version for male vocal sextet available)
LP038 Hiraeth am nefoedd (Guitar)
LP037 Asphyxiate (SSAATTBB Choir)
LP036 Enturfment (String Quartet)
LP035 On a Stone Pillow, Jacob Dreamt of Salvation (Piano)
LP034 Introit/Wedding Song (SATB Choir)
LP033 Hywel harasses the haze with a yellow umbrella (Piano Trio)
LP032 More than Gold (SSAATTBB Choir)
LP031 Ezer (2 Sopranos)
LP030 Perelandrian Drift (Pierrot Ensemble)
LP029 Emmanuel Carol (Voices)


LP028 A Slave in the Land of Liberty (SSAATTBB Choir)
LP027 The Testimony of John Paton (Viola – version for cello, The Anguish of John Paton, available)
LP026 Testimony (Horn)
LP025 Dancing While Others Sleep (Flute, Harp, Viola)
LP024 Psalm 16 (SAT Choir)
LP023 Morgan’s Waltz (Flute, Clarinet, String Quartet)
LP022 Maeshowe Scrawls (String Quartet)
LP021 Two Baptisms in Solway Firth (Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet/B. Clarinet, String Quartet)
LP020 Eyewitnesses of His Majesty (Guitar)
LP019 Anthem for Doomed Youth (SSATB Choir)
LP018 Sir, we wish to see Jesus (Flute, Cello, Piano)


LP017 Hinneni (SSAATTBB Choir)
LP016 The Faith of Kings (Chamber Opera – 4 singers & chamber orchestra)
LP015 bluesilver, rust (Flute, Sax, Violin, Cello)
LP014 The Pearl (Orchestra – also available for trio and string quartet)
LP013 Demeter (Soprano & Lute)
LP012 Nacht (Voices & Chamber Ensemble)


LP011 Buzzards (Guitar Duo)
LP010 The Trial (SSAATTBB Choir)
LP009 The Visitant (Countertenor & Guitar)
LP008 The Shy Man (Baritone & Piano)
LP007 The Great White Throne (Pierrot Ensemble)
LP006 The Tum-tum Tree (Orchestra)
LP005 Lighthouse (Soprano & Piano)


LP004 Parko Sempione (Guitar)
LP003 What Can I Say for You? (SSAATTBB Choir)
LP002 Three Meditations (SATB Choir)
LP001 Beatus Vir (SATB Choir)