Year: February 2018

Instrumentation: Pierrot Ensemble

Duration: 7:40”

Performance History: Premiered by the Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble at The Red Box Recording Studio, Belfast, this piece was selected as a finalist for the 3rd Peter Rosser Composition Award 27/03/18. Second performance by HRSE at Queen’s University Belfast in February 2019.

About: Based on the second novel in C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy, this piece was written to mark the 55th anniversary of the author’s death. ‘Perelandrian Drift’ is concerned with idea of motion and the algorithmic relationship between fixed points and more fluid gestures. Musically, this is achieved by mixing metrical material with sections of open notation that are coordinated by timed gestures from the conductor.

Awards: Finalist in the Third Peter Rosser Composition Award.

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