Year: 2023

3 hip-hop artists (require hand-free microphones)
Clarinet/bass clarinet/Singing Bowl/Baking Tray/Cajon
Percussion: Drum-Kit (requires sticks & brushes)/Brake-Drum/MalletKat (or equivalent, 3-octaves)/5 Woodblocks/2 Cowbells/Log Drum/Second Kick-Drum/5 Wine Bottles filled with Water/Bongos
Fixed electronics for stereo playback
Video projection
Lighting (optional)

Duration: 26:00″

Performance History: Commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra during my Jerwood+ Composer Residency 2023/2024. Research and development funded by the Arts Council of Ireland. Premiered on Sat 9th March at LSO St. Luke’s, London.

1.1 Press Conference Fallout
1.2 Elevator Music 1
2.1 The Penthouse
2.2 Elevator Music 2
3.1 The Mezzanine
3.2 Elevator Music 3
4.1 The Basement

In the rural constituency of Nether Whittaker, one local politician believes he has all the answers to the post-Brexit, post-pandemic economic slump his town is facing: a government investment in his wife’s tech company to create jobs and level up the area. After grappling with several journalists at a press conference over the issue, he is accosted by an activist (and old schoolmate) as he enters the elevator. Their bickering is observed by an enigmatic lift attendant, who knows that not everything is as it seems in this particular elevator…

Politics of the Imagination explores the concepts of utopia, political dogmatism, and bitterly opposed worldviews. It asks the question: how can imagination and playfulness inform our approach to political problems? And what is the key to utopia?

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