Year: June 2018

Instrumentation: Solo Viola

Duration: variable due to choices made by performer, up to 60:00″

Performance History: Recorded in Queen’s University Belfast, 05/11/18, by Laura Sinnerton from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. This piece is also available in a version for Solo Cello, The Anguish of John Paton workshopped by Lucy Railton. The solo cello version was premiered at the Soundhub Phase II Concert in February 2020 by a cellist from the London Symphony Orchestra. Extracts from the piece were released on Inner Voices, Laura’s debut album with the Birmingham Record Company, in June 2021.

The piece is designed to be experienced in VR, click on the video below and have a look around! Headphones are recommended as this was also recorded with an ambisonic microphone.

Solo Cello version

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