Year: June 2021

Instrumentation: Solo Cello & Live Electronics (Guitar Pedals/Alternatives)

Duration: 23:00″


I: Tine Shionnaigh (Fox’s Fire)
II: Saighead Ghealáin (Bright Arrow)
III: Bánú an Lae (Whitening Day)

About: Based on three Irish phrases for light collected by the Irish language researcher Manchán Magan, in his book Thirty-Two Words for Field, this work references will o’ the wisps, forked lightning, and the moment just before dawn.

Performance History: Written for Martin Johnson, lead cellist of the RTÉ NSO, this work was recorded for release on my debut CD Light of Shore. Upcoming performances include 16th Dec 2021 at a launch event in the CMC Ireland, public premiere at Spike Cello Festival in February 2021, and a performance at the Seamus Heaney Centre in February 2021. Purchase on bandcamp:

Watch an online performance of the first movement.

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