Year: October 2017

Instrumentation: Solo Horn

Duration: 5-10″ variable due to choices made by performer

Performance History: Written as part of the Psappha Composing For Horn Scheme, working with Horn player Andrew Budden. Recorded in St. Michael’s Ancoats. Spring 2018.

About: Testimony is the first in a series of solo works exploring the structure of mobile form and the way in which material can be re-contextualised depending on a performer’s decisions, or to study a certain musical element from a different angle. Testimony takes its title from the testimony of the four gospel writers who give accounts of Jesus Christ, each focusing on particular aspects of his work, character and message. For example, John focuses a lot on Christ’s identity as God made flesh, whereas Luke emphasises Jesus’ interaction with the outcasts and needy in society. Together, the four accounts give a fully orbed picture.

June 2018 Manchester. Andrew Budden, PsapphaEnsemble – French Horn. 

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