I am the engraver for Musiquity Edutech Ltd in Mumbai (since summer 2022), preparing educational music for publication, and also have several years experience as a freelance engraver working with individual composers. I am available for engraving projects, whether typesetting from a handwritten score, or parts extraction, and I have specialist skills for notating contemporary music that combines traditional notation with graphic elements. I have also delivered Professional Development seminars for organisations such as the CMC Ireland, the Musician’s Union, and the ICC, equipping composers with skills for making their scores look professional and artistic. Examples of my group tutorials in Sibelius are available on YouTube at the links below. If you would like private or group tuition to address notation problems in Sibelius, just get in touch via my Contact page. If you are interested in my engraving work, I can provide you with a no-pressure quote for any engraving projects.

Some examples of my notation work: