Year: September 2018
Voices: This piece exists in two versions, one for a chamber group of AATTBrB, and the other in SAATTB
Duration: 3:30”
Text: English, Mary Elizabeth Coleridge.

Difficulty: 3

Performance History: Premiere scheduled for April 2020 by the Gesualdo Six, but delayed due to the pandemic. Premiere of SATB version by Cappella Caeciliana June 2023, with further performances in Oct 2023 and the London premiere at the Actors’ Church, Covent Gardens, in March 2024.

About: A short and effective setting of Coleridge’s iconic text, the material uses the repetition of syllables to create the stasis of the idyllic scene of the poem. The dual image of the bird and its reflection are paralleled in the music by canonic entries that present a motif and its ‘echo image’ in close proximity.

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