Year: December 2016


Duration: 3:40”

Text: Hebrew and English, written by the composer in collaboration with theologian Margaret McKerron.

Difficulty: 4

Performance History: Written for the Theoartistry project, run by St. Andrews University. Hinneni was recorded for release on the CD Annunciations by the St. Salvator’s Chapel Choir. It has been performed in numerous services in St. Andrews, including the Easter Service, and was also toured by the choir to venues in Paris, London and Edinburgh. The CD is available at Presto Classical.

About: The piece explores the concept of grace in the Garden of Eden as God asks Adam and Eve questions designed to bring them to repent of what they have done. As the piece progresses, the two rebels are brought to the foot of the cross and see God’s plan to pay for their sin in the person of his Son.

Awards: First Place in the 3rd International Kastalsky Choral Composition Competition 2018.

(A behind-the-scenes documentary on the TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme, which brought together theologians and composers to collaborate on six new works of sacred music. Featuring world-renowned composer Sir James MacMillan, Professor at the University of St Andrews’ Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts.)

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