BBC Radio 3 Premiere

4th May – Star Wars day, is also premiere day! My piece Scamper, commissioned by BBC Radio 3 for their ‘Postcards from Composers’ series, will be played at 8:30am, just before 4:30pm, and 10pm today. Please tune in to hear Francesco Paolo Scola, principal clarinet of the Ulster Orchestra, expertly playing this tricky little work. If you heard the piece and have come to my website to hear more, welcome, check out my Work Sample page, which has a varied selection of works for different ensembles. Hiraeth am nefoedd is in the same vein as Scamper, and I’d also recommend The Pearl and some of my choral works. If you’re interested in something more experimental, have a listen to Stutter, Esau’s Hunger, or take a trippy VR journey with The Testimony of John Paton.