April 2019

April contained some exciting premieres, and plenty of work for new projects coming up! I’m halfway through writing Flicken, a piece for chamber orchestra and film that will be premiered by the Avanti Chamber Orchestra in Porvoo, Finland on June 28th as part of the Savellyspaja composition course. I’m also working on a large piece for double guitar orchestra, electronics and projections for the 21C Guitar Conference in Ottawa, Canada at the end of August. I’ve been invited to give a paper on my writing for guitar at the conference while I’m attending.

Was delighted to find out (slightly belatedly) that my string quartet Enturfment was in the finals of the 14th Sun River Prize for Students’ New Music Composition Competition in Chengdu, P.R. China 2018. A good reminder that I need to keep track of where I send music and to check if my entry was successful…

My commission from Choir & Organ, Asphyxiate, enjoyed a very well received premiere in April, performed by the St. Salvator’s Chapel Choir and conducted by Claire Innes-Hopkins.

Early April saw PANIC Music Ensemble’s second concert, this time focusing on new works for electroacoustic ensembles. Threads & Ribbons was performed for the second time, and my new piece for the ensemble, Stutter, was premiered. This was my first time writing for live electronics, and using graphic notation, and I’m very pleased with the results.

In May, Crossing the Firth will be broadcast on the Radiophrenia Glasgow station. Date of broadcast to be confirmed.