September 2020

I’ve been so grateful to have been able to participate in some musical activities this past month, including the premiere of a work that I didn’t think would ever be able to be heard! Thanks to a huge amount of work by Lelia Doolan, David Brophy, and countless others behind the scenes, Laniakea was recorded outside in the walled garden in Coole Park, Galway on 26th September. I was asked to re-orchestrate the work down from its original ensemble of large orchestra and choir, to a smaller ensemble which could play in a safe environment. The Coole Culture event was supported by (among others), The Royal Astronomical Society, Galway Capital of Culture 2020, and Creative Ireland. It was such a joy to hear a premiere! Congratulations also to Timothy Doyle on his excellent piece Lente, which was played, and the third item on the programme was Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony. Watch the concert at the below link.

Laniakea is performed at 8:30″

I was also able to travel to London this past month to work with players from the London Symphony Orchestra on my commission for the LSO Soundhub, and was pleased with this first workshop of materials. Plenty to do now on the piece, so it’s back to the desk for a few months as I hone this work and some other upcoming projects…