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Formed in the summer of 2018, PANIC Music Ensemble is a collaborative group based in Belfast, currently consisting of myself on classical and electric guitar, composer and artist Martin Devek on piano, keyboard and electronics, and composer and improviser Patrick Moore on vocals. Our inaugural concert took place in Autumn 2018. The collective integrates each individual’s specialist practice, including composition and interpretation, improvisation, and live electronics. Ideas for each composition are generated by interdisciplinary approaches drawn from each member’s curiosity and intuition. New work is conceived by a collaborative process within the ensemble, using it as a ground for experimentation in the co-creation of new work. The live show incorporates multi instrumental performances, loops, and audio-visual material. To listen to what we do, check out our SoundCloud and Youtube channel.

PANIC is scheduled for five performance dates in 2019, the first as part of the QUB Lunchtime series, a free concert on April 11th, information here.